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About Chris Thornton @ Colourjam

Janette and I
In the photo above I'm second from the left, the rest are my cousins in Arradoul, along with my brother Matthew who is perched on the
top of the seat.
The Method Promo Shot
"The Method" Promo shot taken near Bow Fiddle Rock, Portknockie
Miss Ellie at 1
My daughter Ellie at 1 year old

My name is Chris Thornton and I run Colourjam. I was born in Germany in 1982 while my dad was stationed at RAF Wegburg. We moved back to Scotland in the late 80’s and built a house in Arradoul on the out skirts of Buckie.

Most of my family on my mum's side live in Arradoul. It was a great place to grow up and live, so many kids to play with and many fond memories of long summers.

I attended Buckie High School; Moray College in Elgin then finally attained my Degree at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. After finishing University I found that there were no jobs at all in Web design and could not find work anywhere for many months. Please see the about Colourjam section for more info on how the business started.

I met my wife Janette at Moray College circa 2002 aged just 17! We got married on the 7th of March 2009 at the Laichmoray Hotel in Elgin.

Music is a big past time of mine, I play various instruments, mainly guitar, but also dabble with Harmonica, Ocarina and Ukulele. I also love to sing while playing guitar. I bought a Cello a few years back which I will try hard to learn if I can actually find time!

Since 2000 I played in a band called “The Method” which split in 2006. You can check out some of the songs we recorded in our six years by clicking the links below.

Dressed to Kill by The Method (12mb)
How Long is too soon by The Method (8mb)

I’m a keen photographer. I bought a Canon 30D a couple of years ago and found it to be a rewarding hobby. My wife also bought a Canon 400D and we enjoy heading out on photography trips around Moray and also up to the Dornoch area. Between us we own a variety of lens’ including two Canon L lenses (100-400L and 24-105L).

After we got married we decided to build a house in Arradoul where I grew up. In an outstanding show of kindness a neighbour - Ann Paton - sold us her backgarden which was big enough for us to build a nice house to house our impending family in. We finally moved in February 2011 after much help from Neil Grant at Grant & Geoghegan Architects, and my brother Matthew who is a joiner.

The best thing that has ever happened to me occured then 2010 when our daugher Ellie was born... she is just the best. My wife and I now have another baby on the way due in July 2012.

That's the story so far!